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  PBM : "Public BookMark" Generator
  2001July26Release of v0.5.1 (see the changes file)
  1999December07Release of v0.5
  1999August23Release of v0.4.2
  1999July23Release of v0.4.1
  1999July18Release of v0.4
  1999June30Release of v0.3.1
  1999April12Release of v0.3
  1999March29Release of v0.2.2
  1999March24Release of v0.2.1
  1999March06Release of v0.2
  1998December11Release of v0.1
  What is it ?
  PBM is a Perl script (released under the GPL) that is going to help you make your bookmarks available for public distribution by using the description field of your Netscape bookmarks ...
  Another script, Dead Link Check may help you verifying the network existence of your bookmark links (or links in general).
  Here is an example of what can be generated using the script. More examples are available on the know user lists page.
  How it works ?
  Just fill the description field of some of your Netscape links or folders (can be useful to cut a branch [if your folder are tree ordered at least ]) with tags that you will then use using the script keyword option.
  When running the script the help option gives a small description of the script options and default values.
  PBM uses Perl 5 and no special library.
  Future evolutions ?
  Adding other useful options like "split", "minitoc" ...
  Creating a Perl/Tk bookmark editor
  Make PBM work with Netscape's Bookmark aliasing
  Add "frames" as an option of PBM (may rejoin the "split" idea)
  New releases ?
  New releases of PBM are announced on Freshmeat
  To be the first to know about new releases, you may want to join the announce mailing list.
  How to help ?
SoftwareIf you have a new idea that may be useful to integrate or you encountered a bug, please contact the author at
UsersYou may want to join the users mailing list
  Latest version of PBM : pbm-0.5.1.tar.bz2 (39731 bytes)
  You may download previous versions of PBM from the project filelist.
  Basic installation and information documentations are provided in the distribution archive.
  You may obtain manual information using man or perldoc.
  You may also want to consult the online manual version for bookmark.
  More information regarding the PBM project may be found on the project web page.
  You may want to check another project called Dead Link Check; a small HTTP links checker thought initially as an extension to PBM.
  Mailing Lists
PBM-announceAnnounce of new releases
PBM-usersDiscussion on use
  Known Users Lists
  To appear on the known users list, you just need to send an e-mail to with your name and the url of your web page.
  My name is Martial MICHEL, I am working on a PhD in computer science which major field is parallel computing. My passions involve drawing, coding and Japanese animation. If you desire to check my personal web page, please go to, and if you would like to contact me, please send an e-mail to
    I wish here to express my thanks to the team and sponsors for the fantastic job they did providing Open Source coders such tools.
    Well it seems that PBM won an award (I discovered the fact by pure luck, actually looking for references to PBM on the web).
    LinuxBerg gave us 4 out of 5
  If you have seen awards given to PBM, please e-mail me at
  Project Maintainer : Martial Michel
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